Oh, Chihuahua!

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Chihuahua!... Oh, Chihuahua!

В оригинале играется на аккордах E и B

Вступление |F C| C F|-4 раза


I'm walking in the street

And the moon shine's bright


A little melody keeps feeling on my mind tonight


I gotcha! It's the song about Chihuahua


Yeah, that's cool alright Chihuahua



It was fun

And a life without sorrow


Feels young

And when you think about tomorrow


Say yo!

When you're about to freak out


Just go and then shout it out loud



Chihuahua here  

Chihuahua there


Everybody wants it everywhere

|F|                                                |C|

Sing it loud And life can be so easy Chihuahua

|F                               C|

What can make you move Chihuahua

|C                            F|

Can you feel the groove Chihuahua

|F                               C|

What can make you dance Chihuahua

|C                    F|

Oh Chihuahua! Chihuahua

What can make you sing Chihuahua

Take it and you win Chihuahua

What can bring you joy Chihuahua

Oh Chihuahua!

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